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The CertBridge, short for Certificate Bridge, is a service that enables the usage of X509 certificates in the self-sovereign identity ecosystem of Validated ID. This is enabled by transforming the X509 certificate into a verifiable credential. Validated ID as qualified trust service provider ensures the correctness of this transformation process an acts as issuer for the newly created verifiable credential.

The CertBridge service under this link CertBridge. The transformation process is depicted in the figure below.

  1. In the first step, the user navigates to the CertBridge service website. The user is requested to log into the service using the certificate that should be transformed into the VC data format.
  2. Next, the user selects a certificate, and has to prove ownership of the certificate by performing some authentication means. After authentication, the CertBridge verifies the validity of the certificate including a revocation check. Finally, the CertBridge creates a verifiable credential that contains the attributes extracted from the certificate.
  3. Finally, the CertBridge issues the signed verifiable credential to the user's VIDwallet, where this VC is stored.