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Manage your entity attributes

Modify Entities attributes

Request Body REQUIRED
callbackUrl string

You can set/update here the callback url to get the verifiable presentation previously required through Verifiable Presentation endpoint.

icon string

Base64 encoded icon data. This icon will be loaded on the credentials you issue in holders' wallet.




Internal Server Error

type uri

An absolute URI that identifies the problem type. When dereferenced, it SHOULD provide human-readable documentation for the problem type.

title string

A short summary of the problem type.

status int32

Possible values: 400 ≤ value < 600

The HTTP status code generated by the origin server for this occurrence of the problem.

detail string

A human readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem.

instance uri

An absolute URI that identifies the specific occurrence of the problem. It may or may not yield further information if dereferenced.