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VIDcredentials is one component of VIDchain and is responsible for managing credentials and related services by providing a public API. The VIDcredentials components interacts with other VIDchain components such as the credential issuer, but also with VIDwallet and VIDconnect.


  • VIDcredentials provides functionality for credentials to cover the entire credential lifecycle including issuance and revocation.
  • Another service of VIDcredentials enables the creation of custom credential templates including the creation of custom credential types.
  • VIDcredentials implements the Verifiable Credential standard.


VIDcredentials offers services in a form of an API. These services are mainly credential related services such as creating, presenting or revoking credentials beside other services. Please find a brief description below and a detailed description in the VIDcredential OpenAPI specification.

  • Authentication Service: This services allows API users to authenticate and retrieve and OAuth bearer token in order to use the API endpoints.
  • Entities Service: This service endpoint allows the API user to modify attributes related to an entity.
  • Verifiable Credential Services: Services in this category are used to create either a verifiable ID credential or a verifiable credential and also verify them.
  • Verifiable Presentation Services: These service endpoints are responsible for creating and verifying verifiable presentations.
  • Credential Request Service: This service is used to create a credential request.
  • Identifiers Service: For DID resolution is this service used.
  • Credential Revocation Services: For revoking credentials as well as to verify the revocation status of a credentials are services in this category used.


This figure shows the VIDcredentials component also as part of the overall VIDchain architecture.